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Our Mission

To bring people to a faith in one God, raise them up in that faith, and then send them out to share the faith through their areas of influence.


How to become a member of our church

Here's how you can become a member of Register Baptist Church

By receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord
This means you wish to become a Christian, Be baptized by immersion and commit your life to Jesus Christ.

By Transfer of Membership:
If you are currently a member of another Baptist Church, you can transfer your membership to Register Baptist.  We will contact the church for you and ask them to transfer your membership.

By Statement of your Baptism
If you have formerly been a member of a Baptist Church, or if you have received Christ and have been baptized in another Christian church, you may come by statement of Baptism.



Books authored by Dr. Jim Correll.

Books are $5 each.  
Send $5 along with the name of the book that you want to:

Dr. James H. Correll
PO Box 1556
Pembroke, GA 31321


Bound By Legalism:
Sad to say, many New Testament churches have an old Testament ministry.  There are gospel preaching churches that have legalistic tendencies which keep their members guilty and afraid.  Legalism keeps people immature, and immature people must live by rules and regulations. The message of grace is glorious, bringing life and liberty.  Where is your tent pitched?  Are you bound in the camp of legalism, or are you camping in the liberty and glory found only in the campground of grace?

The Refiner's Fire:
This is an excellent study of the theme of suffering and the purpose of God in the Christian life.  Unlike many books which focus only on the human trauma of pain and loss, this book examines the role of suffering as a God-ordained means to conform believers to the image of Christ.  In an age saturated with the health and wealth gospel, we need desperately to hear this sober and hopeful word of biblical realism.

Faith In The Balance:
James has given clear instructions about how to achieve practical holiness and spiritual maturity.  Stand with confidence, serve with compassion, speak with care, submit with contrition, and share with concern.

The Tribulation: Symbolic or Real?
The glorified Christ in the Book of Revelation roars as a Lion and judges an unrepentant earth with great ferocity.  Don't expect to find baby Jesus, meek and mild, or Jesus hanging on a cross here.  No, this is Jesus the Lion.  And the tribulation he directs is truly great.  This book will drive you to Jesus Christ as Savior, because you will not want to face him as Judge.

The Illumination:
Heaven or the Lake of Fire  You Choose!
Is there a real heavenly city with walls of jasper, gates of pearl, a street of pure gold?  God wasnt lying about this either!

The Evaluation: Is Your Church Guilty?
What would Christ say about your church?  If your pastor were to stand next Sunday morning and read a letter from Jesus Christ to your church, would you be embarrassed?  Would the all-knowing Lord commend you or condemn you, or both?  Would he tell you to repent?  Would he pronounce you dead?  Would he say you make him want to throw up because you are lukewarm?


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Register Baptist Church

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