Sermon Schedule


April & May 2019


04/07/19  a.m.  Once Blind (John 9:24-41) 

                        p.m.  How Long, Lord, How Long? (Ps 13:1-6)

4/14/19   a.m.  The Door (John 10:1-10) (Lord’s Supper)

                     p.m.  Church Conference

04/21/19  a.m.  Sunrise Service/Breakfast/Easter Cantata/AAEO

                        p.m.  No Evening Service 

04/28/19  a.m.  Good Shepherd (John 10:11-21)

                        p.m.  Praise Service 

05/05/19  a.m.  The Son of God (John 10:22-42) BIKER SUNDAY

                        p.m.  No Evening Service

05/12/19  a.m.  Divine Delay (John 11:1-16) MOTHER’S DAY

                        p.m.  No Evening Service

05/19/19  a.m.  Does Jesus Care (John 11:17-37) GRAD RECOGNITION DAY

                        p.m.  AWANA Graduation

05/26/19  a.m.  Resurrection Power (John 11:38-46)

                       p.m.  No Evening Service (MEMORIAL DAY)

06/02/19  a.m.  Deadly Plot (John 11:47-57)

                       p.m.  The Depravity of Mankind (Ps 14:1-7)

06/09/19  a.m.  Supper at Bethany (John 12:1-11) FATHER’S DAY

                        p.m.  No Evening Service (VBS Begins)